Constantinos christou

Shorts Films

Fight or Flight (2016)

A short form thriller shot as a university project at a vineyard house. This project was conducted in order to show the agony that an expectant father can have through various symbolisms.

The Cashier (2015)

A short form silent slapstick comedy shot on location at local theme park, chronicling a chase sequence from multiple perspectives around the labyrinthine play area. This project was conducted in order to test the effects of different camera positions and camera movements, including subtle changes that different camera lenses would provide.



Terminal Reminiscences (2014)

A short form silent thriller produced within 48 hours, entering on an ill artist who recollects moments from his youth as he returns to his hometown, while encountering an ominous apparition that haunts his journey.


The Hunt Party (2014)

A short form silent comedy produced within 48 hours, involving five friends who set out for a treasure hunt that ultimately surfaces an unexpectedly personal finding.



Fire Extinguisher Revenge (2014)

A short form silent comedy produced within 12 hours. This project cad conducted to test out some special effect techniques and a bit of fun to pass the day, getting chased around by a fire extinguisher.