Constantinos christou - Filmmaker

I was lost. Now I’m not. (2018)


There are times when I feel lost, unsure, and unable to understand where I stand, where I belong, or where I should go. I feel alone, lost in my own thoughts, detached from reality. Sometimes, I can’t find any meaning in the world, as I make up different excuses and come up with theories to try and explain it all. Even in my own mind, it doesn’t make much sense. It’s during these times that I have the urge to make-believe, to feel that I’m part of something greater, like what the stars are to the ever-expanding universe. It feels like I can be a part of a spiritual collective, where I’m among peers who I can call my equals, my betters, my friends, as we perform a seamless, colourful dance in which we play and merge. I learn to trust life, whatever it may bring, and more importantly, I have faith that I can bring something meaningful and valuable to the world, in my own way. Rough nights will always be there, difficult days will always come and pass. I remind myself that it’s all part of a process in order for me to learn and to grow. By embracing the unpredictable and by trusting my capacity to cope no matter what, I can step out of my comfort zone and become a more understanding and a more compassionate person because of it.

Created by: Constantinos Christou
Music by: Uniq – Art of Silence
Special thanks to: Nicholas Loizou